If at first you don’t succeed…

Nanowrimo / Sunday, November 4th, 2018

…try and try again. 

Those who know me would agree that I’m a fantastic procrastinator.  I get hugely excited over something, spend forever planning and then it just kind of fizzles out. I hate this about me, I want to be better. So, in order to make myself accountable, I’m bringing this blog back from the dead. 

The Purple Blug would now be ten years old if I hadn’t abandoned it all those years ago.  Do people even blog or read blogs in 2018?  I guess I’ll have to find out.  

I cannot tell you what you can expect from this blog, because I don’t know.  I guess it will just be a blog about anything.  But for the next month, it will serve as a platform for my Nanowrimo writing.  No novel, because I don’t have the commitment, but I quite fancy myself a “rebel”.  My rebellion will be in the form of short stories unless a story decides to fly, then we’ll have to reconsider the whole affair! Nano posts will be marked, in case you want to avoid bad fiction at all costs.

So, here goes The Purple Blug, once more!

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