This week hasn’t been as busy as the last one was… But I have gotten a few things sorted.  Our room looks ever so messy, it’s terrible! Every single day I say I’m going to finish and I never do! Hopefully tomorrow I might get some tidying done, since we are not going anywhere.

I think now that I’m doing other things, more relevant things, the idea that I live in the UK permanently and that D and I are actually together for good is starting to sink in.  Last night, when I went to bed (at 2.30am!) after some good old tweeting and chatting, I sent him a text saying good night and he replied something corny and it suddenly hit me, that I was going to see him in the morning, that I was probably going to be woken up with a kiss… I don’t think I had actually given it much thought… I guess I am past the holiday feel of my trip, I’m here to stay and it’s starting to feel real…

Today we finally got me a bank account, with Lloyds TSB for mere sentimental reasons :) and I’ll be phoning on monday to book my appointment to get my NIN (National Insurance Number),  and once that’s sorted I will be able to register at the local medical center and register as self-employed with the HMRC so I’m able to sell my crafts without problems… This all sounds all so grown up and foreign to what I was used to in Honduras…

Also, I ventured to town on my own on Wednesday! It proved to be quite the adventure! If that’s even possible.

We live 2 kms away from town, and I have been there with D MANY times, but never on my own, but since we were going to the theater in Southampton that night, I offered to have dinner ready before we left and was asked to meet my mother-in-law at the supermarket at 11am to buy the ingredients for my very exotic Chilaquiles :-p

I headed out of home at around 10.10am to have plenty of time to walk to town, go to a couple of shops and get to the supermarket with plenty of time.

I arrived into town at around 10.25am, which was pretty good timing! And did my fair bit of window shopping, but then disaster struck! I couldn’t find Tesco! It was ridiculous and I was angry at myself! I had been there more than once and knew exactly where it was, or so I thought… I couldn’t see it, or find it on the maps and I walked around town looking like lost puppy with my phone in hand, trying to reach D, who was sound asleep as I panicked!

After some 20 minutes of panicking I remembered my mother-in-law had mentioned something about W.H.Smith (a bookstore) being right across Tesco and I walked straight to Smiths (which I love!) and there it was! Just where I knew it had to be, Tesco in all it’s glory!  :-p

By then, my biggest fear was that I was probably late (something that I am particularly known for by my in-laws and that I´m trying to fix at all costs!), but luckily G was just walking in as I was looking for her inside Tesco!

Everything else went fine the rest of the day, thank God!

The Chilaquiles came out perfect, despite the bit of tweaking I had to do to get them the way I wanted them.  Mostly substituting pretty much every ingredient! Bag tortilla chips instead of real tortillas (though I did end up making a huge batch of tortillas so they wouldn’t have that fake tortilla texture I hate so much), sour cream instead of mantequilla, mozarella instead of quesillo :-p and cheddar because the mozarella wasn’t enough.  After much tweaking with the salt they came out great and were a big hit with my new family :) We had dinner and then when we got back from Southampton they had some more ;) (Sounds like success if you ask me!)

Those have been the highlights of my week, nothing too interesting really… Hopefully I will start doing some crafting soon and will be posting some things on Etsy next week, mostly cards and things like that, nothing too fancy…  I spent a few hours sorting some changes in my Etsy account:  Location and new shipping profile :D and I think I have most of it figured out.

I should probably go… Need to run to our room with a bunch of things! :-p Stay tuned! ;)

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2 Responses to Settling in…

  1. Andy says:

    Are you thinking of, maybe, putting the recipes on here? (He asks, hopefully)
    Then we can try them out :-D

  2. Ale says:

    Oh Andy! I just realized I owe you the recipe for this! I will post it in a few days, just for you! :D

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