So, here’s the scoop!

I got my visa! I got an email on the 12th of September saying that they were checking it and the next day, at around 10 am I got the email I had been waiting for weeks :) Mine read: “Your visa application has been approved” which felt great because I was terrified of getting the dreaded “Your application has been checked and a decision has been made…” which could anything really!

I have been in the UK for a week and I have done my fair share of tidying, as if packing up hadn’t been bad enough!  I’ve been trying to make our room look less messy and making space for my things and my crafts, because the plan now (until I can get a real job) is to focus on my crafts for a while.  Try selling them either on Etsy, Folksy or at the MANY craft fairs around town, hopefully that plan will work and I will start making money in no time.

Things have not been particularly difficult. though some days it feels less easy than others, mostly because I get a bit homesick, but D has been great and extremely understanding which helps a lot.  I try to remind myself that it will get easier over time but it doesn’t really change much :-p

Things should pick up in this blog now that I have moved, so expect more posts ;-) Plenty of them hopefully!


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2 Responses to A brand new life

  1. Andy says:

    I could say “about bloody time” – but you know that already.
    Yes, I can imagine you’re a bit homesick, even if D is there for you. It would be a ‘bit of a change’ from what you’re used to.
    Still, it WILL get better, I’m sure.
    Great to see that you’re there, finally.
    Lots of luck, happiness and love.

  2. Ale says:

    LOL!!! I know!!! xD Thanks for your good wishes! :D

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