A lot has changed since I started this blog in march 2009…  I have meant to get back on track, but work and many other things have stopped me in the last few months.

But now my life has changed so completely that I need a fresh start….

I’m not working anymore, I got married over a month ago and I’m moving to England soon…  I’m still struggling with all of it, and I hope blogging will help me get my head around things and help me focus on my new plans.

Apart from getting my paperwork ready for my spouse visa, the next thing in my list is to get my Etsy Store running again… Getting a job once I move to England might take a while, and I really don’t want to just sit around and let David support me until I get a real job.

Life at the moment feels quite uncertain… But I can’t help being happy…

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One Response to To new beginnings…

  1. Andy says:

    As long as you’re happy, that’s all that really matters.

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